DuYuNu? – The Inspiration, The Motivation, The Purpose

There are times in your life that are purely introspective, moments that derive from the inner voice of guidance and reason; Voices that are often drowned-out and ignored in the business of life and all its pursuits. During these moments of introspection you find that a very recognizable voice takes hold of you and tells you that you are off the rails, that you need to reset your internal guidance, that your life is out of balance.

For many of us this happens often, and it is when you take hold of the moment and allow that voice to speak above all the other chatter that you start to see that change is not only needed, but welcome on all levels of intellect and reason in the conscious and subconsciousness. The proof is in the emotions, all their honesty across the spectrum, emotions are the soothsayers of the soul.

Running, Half full, Warm and Not Going Anywhere

During one of my introspective moments I knew that I had to make myself better, as I am now a leader. My son looks toward me for guidance, inspiration, motivation, reason, explanation. He looks at me as a leader, and as a new Dad the clothes must fit. The voice within tells me, while my emotions confirm that it is time for me to step up my game. There is more to life than existence, there is purpose. Each and every one of us lives with a purpose, and it is up to each individual to determine their own purpose and execute a plan.

Dad is the Chosen Leader - Does he Chose to Lead?

My purpose is DuYuNu and the framework that it will provide for millions of people to create a new self, to rebuild their foundations so that they may pursue all their desires, their dreams, and maintain a directionally correct course that leads toward happiness, self-fulfillment through self-actualization, wholeness, completeness and to be the person that inner voice and emotion tells them they are meant to be.

Where would I come up with such a crazy idea? Well first-off I never will, and have never asked anyone to do ANYTHING I WOULD NOT DO MYSELF. I am a very strong believer in being the humble yet firm leader, and by leader I mean the guy who will push the broom as much as he pushes himself, who pushes the pen more than he speaks. You get the idea. Lead by doing.

Cold in Colorado, a Bend in the Colorado River

DuYuNu? – The Inspiration, The Motivation, The Purpose

The inspiration came from the realization that I am hitting 40 years old and must create the roll-model  for my sons, and I have only myself to create this roll-model out of. I have to be the person who I wish them to be, and I hope to be the humble foundation from which they grow, beyond my height, past my reach, and further into the universe than I ever imagined.

I am motivated by the desire to be a better person, to not cut myself short.

Never Cut Yourself Short

My purpose is spelled out here and in future posts. I am here to allow others to DuYuNu, so they can live happy and healthy, fulfilled and fun lives. You are the leader, and from your guidance we will all DuYuNu.

I Nu, DuYuNu?

Into the Light