Things We’ve Already Spotted

We have only gone 83 miles in 2hrs and 40mins averaging only 31 mph due to this crazy October snowstorm. Most of the leaves are still on the trees and they haven’t even turned colors yet but they are ladened with snow. We’re happy we’re driving south instead of north!

So here are some interesting things we’ve already spotted and we have barely just left Jersey:

1. Almost every female in the two rest stops we’ve been to are wearing Uggs (me being the exception since I’m super cool and decided to wear sneaker clogs in this weather – geeenius!)

2. Guy dressed up as Beetlejuice, which prompted Z to ask us, “what is that guy doing?”

3. A bird that either died or got hurt mid-flight and fell on top of a truck (poor thing)

4. A big chunk of ice hitting our windshield so hard we thought it cracked it for a second but thankfully

Making our way to DC now and planning on stopping by the White House to show Z the one place where things don’t happen for 99% of us (joke).

Happy Trippin’