Hits and Misses So Far

First, the downright misses:

We decided on the first hotel that our car GPS pointed us to, Holiday Inn Express. We’ve never stayed at this hotel and at $129/night, we thought we would get a good night’s sleep. BIG MISTAKE!

Where do I even begin with my complaints? Our room was run-down, the carpet smelled moldy, and no amenities whatsoever. The beds were decent, I suppose, but I will say that I would find it difficult to compare because we are slightly spoiled with our Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses at home. The pillows were atrocious though. The closest thing I could compare it to was sleeping on a sack of potatoes. Yes, the lumps were really that hard. Ugh. Definitely steering clear of this hotel moving forward.

Ok, enough complaints and on to the hits.

One of the biggest issues we find in driving long distances are the unhealthy food options offered to travelers. Every time we’ve eaten fast foods, we’ve always come out regretting it. So we went out of our way to find healthier alternatives. And we found it in Fredericks, MD at a place called The Commons.

A smaller version of Whole Foods, it offered organic and gluten-free choices galore. We were in healthy food heaven!

Z and G healthy food shopping

lunch - carrots, apple, ginger, kale