Kansas City, MO

After leaving St. Louis, we drove roughly 7 hours to Kansas City. We saw some interesting things along the way that we wouldnt normally see in NJ, like this for example:

pickup truck limo

Now I know ya’ll are just wishing you had one of these to take to prom! 🙂

Anyway, all uniquely southern things aside, we enjoyed a very restful night’s sleep at Raphael Signature Hotel in the plaza area of Kansas City. The staff were all extremely nice and accommodating, especially William, the supervisor. Great guy!

Raphael Signature Hotel

The hotel is situated in front of a little canal and accented by dimly lit filament bulbs done in a marquis style, so the hotel had a very Parisienne feel to it. We were on the 8th floor and our overlooked the canal, making for a very romantic setting. If you can call catering to two young kids romantic, that is!

Here are the boys enjoying their bed:

Z and G relaxing in bed

We saw beautiful estate homes in Kansas City, but the highlight of our stop there was finding a vegetarian restaurant called, Eden Alley. It was situated in an old church building that a former pharma rep took over, remodeled, and turned into a fantastic haven for vegetarians.

inside Eden Alley vegetarian restaurant

We grabbed a sweet potato, mandarin slices, red grapes, brown rice salad paired with carrot and lemon juice shake. It was so good that Matthew and I actually started talking about becoming vegetarian again. I will have to make this at home. Yum! yum!

delicious vegetarian and gluten-free salad from Eden Alley

Off to Denver, CO – so excited!