21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, KY

After our Holiday Inn Express fiasco the night before, we were determined not to make the same mistake. We decided to settle in for the night in Louisville, Kentucky’s museum district and what better hotel to stay at than 21C Museum Hotel.

G "reading" the paper in our hotel room

At $279/night, it’s not exactly a budget friendly option, but we thought it a fun splurge. The downstairs of this 90 room hotel is a mini art gallery and we saw some really fun and interesting artwork. Good for both baby and adult brains!

Z loved pointing out the unique hotel decor, like this scissor chandelier. I want one!

scissor chandelier on our floor

hanging metal sculpture

Below is 21C Museum hotel’s famous red penguin. You can find others like him throughout and we have even read reviews of other guests finding the red penguin greeting them in their rooms!

21C Museum hotel's famous red penguin

Pan was my favorite artwork find. He’s sitting on top of the bar in the hotel restaurant, Proof.


It’s hard to tell from the photo below, but this mirror is actually a waterfall.

waterfall mirror

This was the whole family’s favorite interactive artwork.

on screen letter rainfall

We couldn’t visit Louisville without paying a visit to Thomas Edison’s house. After all, this blog wouldn’t be possible without him!

Thomas Edison's house

We had a great time in Louisville, especially staying at 21C Museum Hotel! Looking forward to discovering more beautiful cities like it.