Logical Progression – What My Day Job Requires

20 Years as a Network Engineer and Architect

For the last 20 years I have been a technologist specializing in large multinational corporate networks that span the globe. For those who care to distinguish I am an architect and an engineer, which is very analogous to being the architect who draws the plans and can also build the house. I have covered a good span of disciplines over the years – LAN, WAN, VSAT, routing, switching, security, unified communications, voice, video, collaboration, carrier diversity, data center, MDF, IDF, and honestly the list goes on. It’s been a fun and rewarding experience.


Matter-of-fact I thrive on the diversity and the complexity and look forward to new challenges. You’ll often see me at a client excited to be assigned a new problem or challenge rather than having to work with the familiar. It’s just the way I wired. Quite often it takes my clients a while to get used to the fact that I am not just saying “yes”, but that I mean “YES!” and stand behind it with results. Consistent results time and again are what allow my reputation to precede me. I had often heard the phrase applied to other people, and in this 20 years I feel that I have earned mine.

In the Zone – Working with Purpose

I can’t honestly say that often I feel like a Rock Star as a network engineer because I am usually my only audience and the cheers are my self-applied pats on the back. So why, or where do I receive this great sense of satisfaction from my work? I believe this Zappos graphic explains it best, with a mantra that states “Happiness is their brand and culture”. Happiness is their platform for growth, their “path to profits, passion and purpose”. Take a look at the Zappos graphic below:

Working with passion and purpose has allowed me to thrive with what I do, creating meaningful results for my clients, allowing me to say “YES!” to constant new challenges, and being purposeful in my existence. For whatever reason I am here as a Network Engineer and Architect, this is who I am meant to be.

Method Behind the Madness, or Method Behind the P+P?

It’s not always easy, and when the going gets tough and the pressure is on, like anyone else I have to manage the anxiety. Over the years anxiety has been reduced by and order of magnitude as I am able to draw upon more and more experience. It is not always that I can rely upon familiarity to plow my way toward resolution and success. More often it is the practice of logical deduction, logical disassembly and reassembly. Breaking down problems into their basic components is an absolute necessity in many, if not all situations, even when it is outside my discipline. There is a method behind my P+P, or my Purpose + Passion.

Network White Boarding - Breaking it Down to Simple Components

Network White Boarding - Breaking it Down to Simple Components

Logic Across Disciplines

I believe that my years as a logical and technical professional consultant who gets thrown into situation after situation has set the stage for my next endeavor. While many people struggle with choices in health, in food, in fitness and in states of mind – I have found this to be a more-or-less straight forward process when combined with discipline, and even more so when combined with P+P.

Inherent Traits

Because these traits are inherent within me, I have historically taken them for granted and dismissed their value. Add to this the engineers’ tendency to be somewhat withdrawn, especially when there are so few people who are really willing to engage in true technological conversations, you fail to see the value. Looking back I can clearly see why it took these years, to my current age of 39, to truly stop taking myself for granted and to assign my traits their proper value.

DuYuNu Menu

DuYuNu Menu - Fresh when Fresh is Available

Freely Sharing Value – The Birth of DuYuNu

As others started to recognize certain lifestyle traits of healthy, complaint-free living free of medicine, free of illness and independent of fear, they started to ask and apply some of my traits and principles to themselves. The value was and is clearly self-evident, and my purpose and passion that allows me to explain to executives why their applications are running slow across multiple data centers now allows me to share my knowledge on health and nutrition. In this sharing is the birth of DuYuNu.