A Speck in the Distance

When we started telling people that we were going to go on this cross country road trip, we were told that the drive between Kansas and Colorado would be the most difficult and uninteresting. Now that we have driven it ourselves, I completely disagree.

The fractal farmlands though maddening, at times, in its repetition, started to reflect itself in my family, as the hours of sameness in scenery passed. I would look out the window and see the milky whiteness of Gavin’s skin stretch endlessly, while cows stood in worshipful attendance around the dark pools of Zander’s eyes. The winds would stir Matthew’s hair, tall golden brown blades of grass, staving off the whiteness of the coming winter with each passing year. And looking out towards the distant horizon, I would catch glimpses of myself, a small unidentifiable speck, growing larger and more familiar with each covered distance.